Education and affiliation
-Self-taught textile artist + own researches since 1982

-Graphic-art and sculpture evening classes Beaux-Arts School (Lorient)
-Member of France-Patchwork (F), SAQA Juried  Artist Member (USA)


Workshop, 1988 -2003  :  “Creativity and self-expression” at  le Multisocial, Lorient (F)

2021 SAQA Europe & Moyen-Orient - "Plurality of Voices"
2016 -SAQA "Made in Europe"
2014 -"Forest for Ever"- Carrefour Européen du Patchwork à Ste Marie-aux-Mines (F)& Deutsch-Afghanische Initiative à Fribourg en Brisgau (D)



Geneviève Attinger, the former agricultural engineer, retired teacher in biology and bioethics is a self-taught textile artist.
She started to create wall-hangings about 30 years ago; she works in Brittany.
In 1989, feeling the need for more personal expression, she took evening classes in graphic expression at l’Atelier Maïté Brunet (Pontivy-France) and sculpture courses at l’Ecole desBeaux-Arts (Lorient-France) in order to progress.
These classes completely changed her work, it was essential training to become an artist working with fabrics, at once palette and sensual, tactile and malleable material .
She creates textile art works inspired by photographs, books, news reports or debates on TV concerning contemporary problems very often in touch with the feminine condition.
She deeply believes that  it is important  to keep an open mind with the aim of expressing her sensations, feelings and her perception of the world in all its dimensions.


Artist statement

Since 1982, fabrics and threads are the medium for my artistic expression. I make figurative artworks, many of which are portraits.This expression is narrowly linked to what I live and know, in touch with the feminine condition, her serene and gentle feelings but her revolts too.
I half-open the  door with a title, really important for me and then I use different techniques to make portraits that I put in the larger context of the artwork to get the narrative. Even if this story is misinterpreted, the essence is that I touch the beholder!
Painting with threads, mistreating fabrics by cutting, knotting, pulling out threads, stretching, twisting and packing them offer multiple opportunities to discover new ways to use fabrics and to create the stories for which, these fabrics and threads are my vocabulary